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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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???adlib weather krystle live at the traffic operations center...operations center...
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a woman shot and killed while driving down the freeway... and police have not made any arrests.bryan west is live near state route 51 with this
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hot headlines right now... sentencing is scheduled this morning for a woman convicted on charges that she faked a cancer diagnosis to get the state to pay for her late-term abortion.chalice was convicted in april.she was accused of presenting falsified medical records to support her claim that she had cancer and telling an obstetrician that her pregnancy put her life in danger.investigators say the scheme was discovered a year after the abortion.zeitner's attorney told jurors that his client genuinely believed she had cancer and didn't set out to defraud anyone. senators john mccain and jeff flake have asked the interior department to support a permanent memorial for the
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have sent a letter wednesday to department of interior secretary sally jewell.arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords was among 19 people shot by a gunman.six people died. and one guy is sitting behind bars... accused of stealing a briefcase with $3-million dollars worth of jewelry -- from musician "drake." police say travion king swiped the briefcase off of drake's tour bus.. while it was parked outside talking stick resort arena. king was later arrested on a-s-u's campus in downtown phoenix. they say he was still carrying the briefcase at the time. lawyers are about to start arguing over decision 2016. team 12's nico santos is downtown phoenix to explain why... the fight is over a race that is has only a nine-vote margin. a judge already denied efforts to already denied efforts to
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part of the final tally tuesday.but today the same judge will give lawyers a change to argue their cases more. andy biggs and christine jones are facing off for the 5th congressional district republican primary.jones won by such a small jones's attorney filed a complaint tuesday demanding the county delay the official primary election results. regardless of the legal actionsthe thin margin means the race will get an automatic recount by election officials. but jones' team says at least the hearing the hearing the hearing the hearing starts this morning at 10:30ounty officials are expected to certify all election results ncluding this race by ncluding this race by tomorrow in phoenixnico santos12 today. ?? toss to emma for morning
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let's begin the morning juice with a special birthday.happy birthday star trek! the iconic show turns 50 years old today. the original only ran for 79 episodes. since then-- several other series have debuted-- and three big movies have premiered as well. so for everyone today.... live long and prosper. usher's is now officially on the walk of now officially usher's is usher's is now officially on the walk of fame. his star unveiled yesterday in becomes the 2 thousand 588th entertainer to get the honor. and he was joined on the walk of fame yesterday by his kids. usher is an eight-time grammy winner, and actor... and also has appeared as a judge on nbc's the voice. this ... is one woman who has juice...and we're ?not talking about the illegal 60 year old body builder debbie bracy...yes... she's 60!this
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competition in maryland...and showing what 60 really looks like.debbie started 16 years ago...she says that ?age is just a number... and that all that really matters is being fit, and fabulous... now time for your juicy question of the morning... compared to their mothers... today's women have much bigger these.have m which mans you think... many say these get bigger after a woman gets married
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question of the morning.20 percent of women say they will hide this from their partner. the main their partner.the main reason.... to avoid a fight.what are so many of us willing to hide? we all have arguments we all have we all have arguments with our spouses...its part of being married...but when you rob a bank to get away from each other???that's a bit much. that's a bit much.we're talking about that in the morning mix... and we are looking back at one of the looking back at one of the most infamous cases in the valley...the search for robert fisher...that's in 10 minutes on 12 today...
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####break#### when most people decide they no longer want to be married, they get divorced. but that wasn't the case for
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"lawrence ripple" stole three thousand dollars from a kansas city bank... ...then told officers he did it...because he'd rather be in ?jail than live with his ?wife. investigators ?wife. investigators say he didn't even run away... he sat in the lobby and told security ?he was the guy they were looking for. "ripple's" wife of 33 years...says they had an argument... which starte broken dryer. if convicted...he could get his wish of not going home...for up to 20 years. so the question we are talking about in the morning do you get time away from your
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(krystle live at adot'scommand center) ???adlib traffic
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it is true crime thursday and this morning thursday and weather ???adlib weather it is true crime thursday and this morning we are looking at one of the most notorious crime ever committed in arizona.the suspect.... robert fisher.... has been on the run for over 15 years.robert william fisher is wanted for allegedly killing his wife and
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happened in scottsdale back in the spring of 2001.the f-b-i says it receives tips about fisher's possible whereabouts every year.just last month the la paz county sheriff's office received a tip that proved to be a false alarm,fisher is on the f-b-i's top ten most wanted list.authorities always said it's highly possible that fisher, who would be 54 now, is still alive. he was known as an avid survivalist, hunter and angler. year... the f-b-i displayed new age-enhanced photos of fisher.this is a case that has received national attention... on several crime shows.the fbi is offering up to a $100,000 reward for information leading directly to the arrest of robert fisher. in two the university of arizona is connected to the case of an asteroid across the galaxy... and a simple pledge of allegiance... going viral this
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####break#### ####break####
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time for your 12 today trivia question.. and as we've been telling you.. the regular nfl season officially kicks off tonight right here on channel 12. it's a repeat of last season's superbowl.. where the denver broncos are taking on the caronlina panthers. so our times have both these teams played in a super bowl? think about it and we'll have your answer coming up in a half hour. checking your hot headlines this morning...and later today... a district court is expected to rule on two native american tribes' challenge to the dakota access pipeline.
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the weekend between protesters and security officers near the construction site, the two tribes requested a restraining order against the company building a pipeline. though the restraining order was denied, the company agreed to halt all construction of the four-state four-million dollar pipeline until friday. a ruling is expected by midnight. the first u-s mission to sample an asteroid will launch later today... and it is led by the university of arizona. this marks the third mission in frontier's program. the osiris-program. the osiris- rex spacecraft will collect surface material from the near- earth asteroid bennu and return it to earth for study. the spacecraft is scheduled to reach the asteroid in 2018 and will return to earth in 2023. its official...tim tebow is a professional baseball player. about a hour player.about a hour ago the ?new york mets tweeted out they have signed
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participate in the mets instructional league for now to get his skills back up to speed. take a look at this -- a photo of a young boy standing outside of his school to recite the pledge of allegiance is going viral. the boy's mother posted the picture on facebook with the caption "proud mommy alert". she says he was running late ... and missed the pledge in class. so even as other kids hurried in -- he stayed put to recite it. football fans are...the countdown is on... for tonight's super bowl rematch... what do ?you think the most annoying song in the world is???we've got the answer...
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coming your way on 12 today, she is accused of flashing young boys and that is not all. the scottsdale yoga instructor is back in court today. >> reporter: sr51 was shut down for several hours after a driver was shot and killed.
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the gunman. hurricane newton, out of here. but what is next? i will have the forecast. the nfl season kickoffs tonight, right here on the big 12. a super bowl rematch between the denver broncos and the carolina panthers. the morning sieve owe question to you is how many times have both of the teams played in a super bowl? the answer in 20 minutes. and cheers to the most interesting man in the world. we introduce you to the man tasked with replacing a commercial legend. >> him? >> i don't know. 67:00 a.m. right now on--6:00 a.m. right now on your friday eve. >> jimmy likes to call it baby friday. >> i will take that, too. >> and that looked like michael phelps, i think. cloudy skies outideate now. currently, 76--outside right


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